My friend Hans came into town for a couple of days on a business trip. Literally 2 hours before he was leaving for JFK, I got him to pose for these running photos. Hans is an avid sportsman with a very impressive resume; he's done 2 full Ironmans, 3 half Ironmans, 12 Marathons and a ton of other smaller races. Hans spends around 10 to 12 hours a week on swimming, running and biking - At the moment he is training for the Ironman in Nice, France that's happening in June 2015 which will be his 3rd Ironman. Other than his training, Hans also holds a fulltime job, is married and has two kids under 5 years old. I swear, some people seriously have more hours in a day. Good luck Hans!!!   


Anyone who knows me well, knows that I LOVE tennis! I watch anything and everthing that happens on or off the court. I watch the big matches and the small matches. So i teamed up with my good friend and running buddy Sarah and asked her to pose in Adidas by Stella McCartney's newest edition for the Australian Open. Even though the January weather in New York City isn't quite the same as Melbourne at this time a year, Sarah braved the chill and the -5 celcius weather, pretending to be warm for this shoot. Way to go! 

JUNO 2015

After everyone had gone crazy over Juno, emptied all the supermarkets (there is still no food) and work had been canceled, we only ended up getting around 10 inches of snow in the city - Not that scary! I'm a bit disappointed, as I was imagining that I would wake up to 3 ft. of snow and that New York would look like a winter wonderland. It still looked pretty this morning, even with way less snow and I was able to go for a long walk and check out the scenery. I bumped in to the "Stained Glass House / Kolonihavehus" made by the artist Tom Fruin - Super amazing project he has made.  




I got to shoot one of my old New York City friends when she came by for a visit in September.  Biljana Stojkoska is an actress and singer/songwriter and will soon come out with a new EP which I'm SO excited for. We meet up in the Lower East Side and got ready and then jumped on the F train to Dumbo. We knew all the locations we wanted to shoot at and did it in the last couple of hours before sunset. It's always great working with friends and Biljana and I always have a ball. Please Enjoy!! 



I love spending my summers in Denmark, but what I love even more is spending time at one of my friend's wedding. The settings were perfect and super idyllic on the countryside of southern Denmark. The wedding was held at a 350 year old castle on the island Tåsinge and the reception was on a beautiful old farm. I was lucky enough to get some before and after shots while still having a blast!